Getting rid of enlarged pores

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineThere are pores all over your skin, in fact, if you believe the experts there could be around one million pores on every square inch of your skin – impressive! When you think about it like that you’ll realise just how insignificant those few enlarged pores on your chin really are however, they’re the ones that’ll be causing you the most problems and they’re the ones that you’re likely to want to be rid of.

Here are a number of things that can cause enlarged pores age and genetics being two of them, however, far more likely is congestion and an over production of sebum. When too much sebum is produced and you fail to rectify the problem with the correct skin care products your pores stretch in order to accommodate it and as soon as this happens it’s relatively unlikely that you’ll be able to shrink them back to their original size again. It is however possible to make them smaller by adopting a suitable skin care regime.

In order to prevent your pores from becoming enlarged and congested it’s important to cleanse and exfoliate regularly. Cleansing provides your skin with a deep cleaning which is why it should be done twice every day; exfoliating on the other hand should only be done a couple of times a week and as well as getting deep into your pores it also helps to remove dead and dulling skin cells – preventing them from causing congestion. Dermalogica have a great range of cleansers and exfoliators suitable for all skin types which will not only help reduce the size of your pores but also to smooth, tighten and brighten your complexion.

An emergency skin care kit for the skies

Dermalogica Travel Sized Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineSummer is most definitely here which means that many people will be heading off on their summer holidays in search of some sea, sand and a sun tan; however holidaying abroad really takes its toll on your skin before you even arrive. Sitting in a pressurised aeroplane cabin causes your skin to become really dry as the moisture within it is evaporated meaning that you get on the plane with a fresh, dewy glow and get off it with dry, dull skin.

In order to avoid any serious skin offences and to make sure you can begin your holiday without embarrassment here are Dermalogica’s top travel products that will get you through your flight.

Before boarding

Before you get on the plane double cleansing is a must so use Dermalogica’s 30ml PreCleanse and follow it with a travel sized miniature cleanser like the Special Cleansing Gel or Essential Cleansing Solution. Once you’ve properly cleansed spritz your face with a travel sized toner and apply it on the plane whenever you feel like your skin could use a little pick me up.

On the plane

As mentioned before, the pressurised air in the cabin of a plane can cause some serious damage to your skin if you don’t treat it properly which is why a travel sized moisturiser like Active Moist in the cabin with you is essential.

As well as using Dermalogica’s leading skin care products to keep your skin looking bright and beautiful it’s essential to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout your flight.

Treat your skin to some TLC with the Body Therapy Skin Kit

Dermalogica Body Therapy Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineDermalogica’s Body Therapy Skin Kit is a little different to the rest as it’s focused on providing your skin with some much needed luxury as opposed to treating a certain problem such as excess oily or hyperpigmentation. This kit includes just about everything you could ever need for perfect skin including scrubs, creams, lotions and lip treatments.

This kit contains Dermalogica’s Conditioning Body Wash which is infused with an abundance of botanical ingredients including tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and lavender which help to smooth and moisturise your skin.

The Exfoliating Body Scrub removes dead and dulling skin cells, encourages cell renewal and leaves your skin looking and feeling perfectly polished and smooth while the Body Hydrating Cream gets to work revitalising, reenergising and rehydrating your dry skin with a mixture of green tea, chamomile and tea tree.

As well as these great products the Body Therapy Skin Kit doesn’t leave any area out as it even aims to treat the one area that most people forget, the lips. Dermalogica’s Climate Control Lip Treatment will protect your skin from extreme temperatures as keep them hydrated and looking luscious. Finally, the Hydro Active Mineral Salts are a great way to exfoliate your entire body while relaxing in an indulgent hot bath.

Dermalogica’s Body Therapy Skin Kit gives you a great reason to indulge in some me time so pick a kit up today.

Try Dermalogica’s Shave System Kit for a smoother shave this summer

Dermalogica Shave System Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineDermalogica is definitely not just for women but it tends to be women that care a lot more about using products to maintain or improve the condition of their skin. However, this skin kit – the Shave System Kit – is intended for men only and will help you achieve the smoothest shave you’ll ever have had at home.

Dermalogica’s Shave System Kit will help all men achieve healthy skin with a shaving regime that will soften hairs and minimise irritation. Dermalogica’s Daily Clean Scrub, Pre Shave Guard, Soothing Shave Cream, Post Shave Balm and Daily Defence Block all make up the famous Shave System Kit and will make sure you have the smoothest skin you’ve felt for a while.

The Daily Clean Scrub should be used before you shave and will get deep into your pores to remove excess oil and dead and dulling skin cells leaving your skin looking and feeling squeaky clean; use the Shave Guards to prevent irritation before and after you shave as it softens stubble before shaving meaning you’re less likely to suffer with lumps, bumps and irritation.

Be sure to follow Dermalogica’s instructions when following this regimen if you want to achieve the best results and walk around proud with the smoothest shave you’ve ever had.

Dermalogica Clean Start Starter Kit

Dermalogica CleanStart Starter Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe Dermalogica Clean Start Starter Kit is intended for acne prone teenagers who want clearer skin and as the school holidays will soon be starting what better time to start a new skin care regime that will have made a huge difference by the time you go back to school? This Dermalogica Skin Kit is a great price – available even cheaper than the RRP if you buy from Pure Beauty Online – and contains everything you’ll need to keep your skin looking and feeling great for an entire month.

The Clean Start Starter Kit contains Dermalogica Wash Off which cleans deeply into the pores, treating spots and preventing any reoccurring attacks; Dermalogica All Over Clear which is a toner that can be used throughout the day and night to provide your skin with some much needed moisture and hydration; Dermalogica Ready Set Scrub is a useful combination of a masque and scrub that will leave your skin looking and feeling cool and fresh; Bedtime For Breakouts is a night time treatment that’s intended to work as you sleep. Your skin works to renew and fight against infection as you sleep and this treatment will help boost such an important process by reducing redness and preventing spot breakouts. Finally, Dermalogica Welcome Matte with SPF 15 will help [prevent shiny skin by reducing oil production without drying out the skin.

These skin kits really do work so if you have issues with your skin it’s worth trying to correct them with a Dermalogica Skin Kit.

AGE Smart Skin Kit

Dermalogica AGE Smart Starter Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineThere really is a Dermalogica Skin Kit for everyone and the AGE Smart Kit will make your skin firmer and smoother while combating signs of ageing for an entire month.

The Dermalogica AGE Smart Skin Kit contains their Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, Antioxidant HydraMist, MAP-15 Regnerator, Multivitamin Power Firm, Renewal Lip Complex, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque and Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30.

This combination of products will work to defend your skin against the many causes of ageing, make it smoother, firmer, brighter and all in all more youthful looking. The Skin Resurfacing Cleanser should be massaged into your face and neck, washed off and then topped off with a spritz of the Antioxidant HydraMist – remember that this product can be applied throughout the day to keep it refreshed and hydrated. On areas of your skin where ageing is most noticeable you should use the MAP-15 Regenerator and then the Multivitamin Power Firm around your eyes to get rid of any puffiness and dark circles.

One area that a lot of people forget about is their lips but it’s essential to treat them too because, just like the eye area, the skin is particularly thin which means it’s one of the first areas that will show noticeable signs of ageing. The Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex will completely nourish and hydrate your lips, so use it twice a day for extra enhancement.

For an exquisite customer experience try Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty OnlineAlthough shopping online has made life a lot more convenient and therefore benefitted the majority of the British public greatly you don’t generally expect any other benefit apart from the speedy delivery and convenience, however with Pure Beauty the online shopping experience is made so much more personal by the fact that you receive at least five free samples with every order.

When it comes to online shopping the only downside is the fact that you have to pay so much for delivery however, as well as free samples Pure Beauty also deliver to any UK address for free.

When you purchase any Dermalogica product from Pure Beauty you can choose at least five samples of other Dermalogica products that you might want to try. The more you spend the more samples you’re entitled to as well so you could end up with enough to hand around your friends and family too in order to allow them to try the great Dermalogica range – obviously don’t be too kind if you’ve only got five samples to use though.

Pure Beauty aim to give only the best customer service and their great relationship with their clients can be seen in the large number of reviews and testimonials that they’ve received.