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Dermalogica Super Rich Repair available from Pure Beauty OnlineFollowing on from the last article where we established that a bed time skin routine is just as important as in a morning – in fact it’s probably more important. The second step of your night time skin regime is to moisturise and this is a stage that you should never miss out.

A good moisturiser is essential when it comes to skin care and a special night cream is also exceptionally important. Night creams and day creams, or moisturisers, are by no means interchangeable and they shouldn’t be used for the same purpose. Night creams and moisturisers are much heavier than day creams; they also contain more humectants which are ingredients that draw moisture form the air into your skin. Night time moisturisers are also different from day time ones in the fact that they are designed to be used on a clean face, i.e. one that is free from make-up, whereas day time moisturisers can be used alongside make-up, without affecting it.

Night time moisturisers are much richer than the day time equivalents and should be applied just before going to sleep – as this prevents the chance of dirt building up on the pores. Why don’t you try Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair? Apply it to damp skin for the best results – damp skin absorbs moisturisers better than dry skin.