Dermalogica Bedtime For Breakouts available from Pure Beauty OnlineA lot of people forget this but an evening skin routine is just as important as a morning skin routine, just like taking your make-up off is just as important as putting it on. Dermalogica Bedtime For Breakouts – part of the Clean Start System – is intended for night time use. When you sleep your skin repairs, regenerates and also fights infections and spots. Bedtime For Breakouts helps with this as it reduces congestion of the pores, redness and protects against future breakouts.

The formula is absorbed quickly by the skin to enable it to get to work straight away; it makes use of every ingredient including salicylic acid to help stop the formation of acne, spirea is used to encourage the anti-bacterial agents that are naturally in the skin to work and cucumber to soothe and calm any irritation while you sleep.

Dermalogica recommends that you use this product after cleansing, just before you go to bed, in order to get the best from the treatment. Just before going to sleep you should apply a thin layer of the Bedtime For Breakouts solution to the skin and give it a little time to absorb. The next morning – for the best results – you should use Dermalogica Wash Off, which is another product in the Clean Start Range.