Dermalogica Toners available from Pure Beauty OnlineYou should take care of your skin all year round and not just in the summer when you’ll be out and about more so you’ll be more embarrassed if you suffer from breakouts. Your skin suffers all year round and the winter is one of the worst seasons for your skin so you should take extra care around this time. Every skin professional will tell you that the secret to perfect skin is a good toner. Toners are especially good for people who have oily skin and want to prevent acne breakouts but it’s also good for those who want a little extra hydration and cleansing after wearing heavy skin products.

These are not the only purposes of a toner however, toners also balance the pH of the skin, protect, moisturise and refresh.

Naturally, skin is acidic, and after using beauty products such as cleansers, which are alkaline, the pH of the skin is disturbed. A toner puts this right and quickly reinstates the natural pH levels of the skin; if the skin was left to do this naturally then excess oil is produced which could result in an acne breakout.

For some great toners turn to Dermalogica, specifically Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist which acts as an antioxidant shield – protecting your skin from free radicals – and an intense hydrator. It comes in a mist spray making it convenient to carry around and use throughout the day.