Dermalogica Treatment Foundations available from Pure Beauty OnlineOne of the main stresses that any woman will face on a night out is wondering when their make-up is going to slide. A make-up slide is caused by excess oil production under the make-up, which makes the skin’s surface slippery and leaves the make-up with nothing to ‘hold’ on to. One of the worst affected areas of a make-up slide is the eyes and as soon as they start to run your make-up is ruined. There are several ways that you can prevent your make-up from sliding; firstly, before you apply your eye make-up apply an eye primer to your eye lids and around the eye. Doing this will give your make-up a base and something to stick to so it’s less likely to slide; however, if you don’t want to spend money on a primer then use a small amount of foundation in the same way. For the best results and to prevent breakouts try one of Dermalogica’s Treatment Foundations.

If you’re unsure about overloading on the eye make-up then you could think about trying to reduce the amount of oil that your skin is producing. Dermalogica offers a whole host of products that will reduce the production of oil, these include moisturisers and cleansers. A moisturiser especially will also act as a base for your make-up to stick to so not only will you be treating your skin but you’ll be looking your best too.