Dermalogica Clean Start Hit The Spot available from Pure Beauty OnlineYou no longer need to feel ashamed of leaving the house. Breakouts will never be a problem again with Dermalogica Hit The Spot treatment. Concealers are all well and good for disguising breakouts but have you ever considered the fact that your chosen concealer could actually be making your breakouts worse?

Have you ever come across the thick lipstick style concealers that used to be the only way of covering up the dreaded blemish? Well, these did in fact make things a lot worse as they did nothing but clog the pores and cause further breakouts. There’s no need to worry though as spot treatments and concealers have come on leaps and bounds from this and although it probably is best to let the skin breath in the occurrence of a breakout concealers are nowhere near as bad as they used to be as Dermalogica’s Concealing Spot Treatment shows.

When it comes to letting spots breathe though, and treating them with some severe oomph, you can’t do better than the Hit The Spot treatment. Dermalogica Hit The Spot can be dabbed straight onto a spot in order to combat it from the very beginning. The use of sulphur in the product helps to stop the bacteria that causes spots while also clearing the follicle and the skin. This product can be applied every six to eight hours throughout the day until the breakout has cleared.