Dermalogica Solar Defence available from Pure Beauty OnlineThroughout the summer and even as winter has crept in we have covered the importance of sun protection – in summer and winter – umpteen times. However, when we found out about Julianne Moore’s loyalty to Dermalogica’s sunscreen range it wasn’t something that could be cast aside.

Julianne Moore has been gracing our TV screens for decades now in some of the biggest films around the world; she is probably best known for her roles in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, An Ideal Husband, The End of the Affair, Far From Heaven, The Hours, The Kids Are Alright and Game Change. Although she’s coming up for 52 she has an ageless beauty which she has managed to maintain despite her stressful career. She has been the spokesperson for many big cosmetics brands like Revlon and Bulgari and is adamant to stay looking young without cosmetic surgery. So how does she do it?

Along with a number of other factors like eating healthily, exercise and sneaky make-up tricks her main tip is sun screen and Dermalogica sun screen in particular. Due to her redheaded, pale complexion she tries to avoid the sun whenever possible but whenever she is outdoors – rain or shine – she always applies a Dermalogica sunscreen.