Dermalogica Treatment Foundations available from Pure Beauty OnlineFoundation can be any woman’s life saver but it’s not necessary to have a whole array of them, you only need one: The Dermalogica Treatment Foundation.

Foundation allows women to cover up spots and blemishes so that they feel comfortable about their skin. However, foundation is not necessarily the best treatment when it comes to giving your skin what it really needs. There are many different types of foundations out there, some can make your skin a little dry but give amazing coverage whereas others moisturise your skin but don’t really hide its imperfections. To solve this, a lot of women spend an enormous amount of money on several different foundations in order to keep them and their skin happy. There’s no need for this though, with Dermalogica’s Treatment Foundation you can give your skin everything it needs and still cover up everything you want to.

The Dermalogica Treatment Foundation is not a one trick pony, it’s oil free so you’ll avoid the make-up slide and your skin will have a fresh matte look all day long rather than looking greasy. It’s full of colour pigments which allows the colour of the foundation to blend with your natural skin colour to give an all day long natural coverage as well as conditioners which are intended to moisturise and purify the skin.

There’s no need to fill your make-up bag with a variety of foundations; the Dermalogica Treatment Foundation will suit all skin and all needs.