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Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream available from Pure Beauty OnlineTanning beds became a bit of a craze a couple of years ago but since people have started to realise the dangers they’re giving them a wide birth and many more people are opting for the bottled tan. There aren’t many people nowadays who walk around flaunting their natural skin colour as fake tanning has become so popular. You can guarantee that in the bedroom of any teenage or adult female there’ll be a bottle of fake tan and a fake tanning mitt that’s been turned orange due to the amount of times it’s been used.

The popularity of fake tan doesn’t mean that people know how to apply it properly and it certainly doesn’t mean that people have mastered the flawless summer glow. Making your fake tan look good isn’t just about choosing the right shade or the best brand it’s about preparing your skin for the treatment.

In order to avoid the orange, patchy look, your skin should be in tip top condition before you start. Rough skin is the worst base for fake tan so it’s essential that you exfoliate and moisturise before application. Try Dermalogica’s Exfoliating Body Scrub and Body Hydrating Cream. The exfoliator removes any dead or dulling skin cells so that it is only new skin that is tinted when you tan. After exfoliating, moisturising is essential in order to leave your skin silky and smooth. After all of this preparation people will think you’ve been to the Caribbean for a fortnight, not cheated with a bottle.