Dermaloghica Skin Purifying Wipes available from Pure Beauty OnlineA lot of the time, if you get a spot, you can guarantee that it won’t be long before that single spot turns into a breakout. One of the only ways to avoid having to look at a breakout in the mirror every day, is to keep the area clean.

People touch their faces a huge number of times in a day – the actual figure is around 5,000 times – and transfer all sorts of dirt, oil and grime into their pores. It is this dirt that causes a build-up on the skin and leads to congested pores which then cause spots. You might not think that you have enough time to keep cleaning your skin throughout the day but this isn’t true. You don’t have to carry a bottle of face scrub around with you in order to make sure your skin remains clean; it’s much easier than that. All you need is a packet of Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes that will instantly remove dirt and excess oil with one swipe. This can be done on a coffee break or even as you’re sitting at your computer – it really is that quick. The wipes come in a convenient, small packet that’ll fit discreetly into your handbag and using them throughout the day, every day will help you eliminate your breakouts in no time.