Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 available from Pure Beauty OnlineDermalogica is getting ready to launch a new product into the range in February, the Skin Perfect Primer with SPF 30.

This is a new product of the Age Smart system which smoothes and protects the skin while also improving the look on the surface. As skin gets older it begins to lose elasticity and glow. The majority of people do as little as possible when they’re younger to look after their skin, but when they get older this trend flips and people begin to do as much as possible to maintain a youthful glow with minimal fine lines.

The Skin Perfect Primer tackles every area of skin ageing and contains sun protection, which is of primary importance at all stages of life. This new product can be worn underneath make-up and as well as tackling the look of the skin on the outside it will also tackle the reasons for ageing on the inside.

Dermalogica is constantly developing new technology when it comes to skin care and the release of this product means nothing different. The Skin Perfect Primer contains cutting edge technology that allows the product to work well underneath the surface of the skin as well as improving the signs of ageing on the surface.

With this new stick of genius you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to ageing.