Dermalogica Treatment Foundations available from Pure Beauty OnlineFoundation is a fundamental ingredient to any woman’s make-up bag. It is the foundation that makes them feel covered and confident and it therefore can’t be lost. However, foundation is also one of the worst types of make-up for your skin.

Although wearing make-up has become an essential for women, it’s also essential that you look after your skin while you’re wearing it, but finding a product that does this is not always easy. There’s no need for you to go out and buy every foundation available in order to find out which is best for your skin though. As long as you bear a few things in mind when it comes to make-up shopping you won’t need to break the bank.

The first thing to think about is your skin type as this affects how the foundation goes on and how long it lasts for. If you have oily skin then choosing a foundation that contains a lot of oil will mean that it slips off pretty quickly. If your skin is dry then you need a foundation that won’t dry your skin even more.

Another important factor is the shade of your foundation; you don’t want to choose a shade that leaves our face a completely different colour from the rest of your body so it’s important to find a foundation that’s as close to your natural skin colour as possible.

Dermalogica have a range of Treatment Foundations that provide complete natural coverage as well as clearing and protecting your skin at the same time.