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Dermalogica Precleanse available from Pure Beauty OnlineAfter a long day at work, out and about or relaxing by a pool, you’re guaranteed to have greasy, oily skin on your face. It’s not a pleasant feeling and as you get further through the day you know it’s there and it can significantly reduce your confidence. All you want to do is get home so that you can thoroughly wash your face so that you once again feel human.

There are so many factors that can lead to your skin looking and feeling much worse than it has to; if you work in a humid environment then sweat will make it worse; thick make up and skin care products won’t do it any favours either. If your skin is constantly becoming oily and greasy then the likelihood is that your pores will become congested – especially if you don’t clean your skin properly at the end of the day – which will lead to blackheads and spots to appear pretty quickly.

You can avoid this fate by looking after your skin and using the right skin care products. Dermalogica’s Precleanse is great for stripping the skin of any excess oil, make-up – even waterproof – and any other dirt that may have built up over the day. If you use this and follow it up with a Dermalogica Cleanser then you can sleep safe with the knowledge that your skin can breathe and the likelihood of a breakout has been significantly reduced.