Dermalogica AGE Smart System available from Pure Beauty OnlineAgeing is something that many people dread – especially women – so when you see the tell-tale signs like fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness you know the years are catching up with you.

There are so many skin products out there that claim to slow down or even irradiate the signs of ageing and to keep you looking youthful but the truth is, many of them don’t do what they claim to do and are purely marketing ploys.

Dermalogica on the other hand have developed a range of products that target the main causes of ageing, which have only recently been discovered.

There are a number of biological changes that lead to skin ageing, including:

Free Radicals (reactive oxygen species) which increase in number when the skin is exposed to UV rays; they attack the molecules in skin cells so that they no longer have a function and then move on to collagen and elastin fibres. Once this process has begun it means that the skin is no longer able to repair itself and lines and wrinkles are inevitable.

Advanced Glycation End (AGEs) products are created when collagen and glucose interact. AGEs cause ageing to be accelerated so lines and wrinkles appear much more quickly than usual. Consequently, the early onset of ageing leads to a reduction in cell renewal rates as well as elasticity.

Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) are released by the body and require activation. MMPs are activated by the sun’s UV rays and once activation has occurred they attack the collagen fibres which in turn hinders collagen synthesis.

So, if you want to reduce or prevent the signs of ageing take a look at the Dermalogica AGE Smart system which was developed especially to target these age inducing factors.