Dermalogica Body Therapy available from Pure Beauty OnlineThroughout the winter people cover up in thick trousers, thermals and cardigans etc. so they completely forget about keeping their skin healthy and nourished because it’s always under cover. However, just because it’s not being constantly exposed to the sun’s rays throughout the winter doesn’t mean that you’re not causing any damage. After a winter of no or little treatment your skin will be dry and flaky which is something that needs to be resolved if your skin is going to look healthy, ready for the summer sun.

In order to get your skin ready for release in the summer it’s essential that you take your skin care regime serious from now on. Dermalogica is the only skin care treatment for skin that has been left over winter so try using Dermalogica’s Beauty Therapy products to help your skin get back into top condition. In order to wipe away all of the sins that you’ve committed over winter you’re also going to need to exfoliate and Dermalogica’s Exfoliating Body Scrub will be great for weekly use, as it will remove the build-up of dead and dulling skin cells in order to make way for the bright, youthful skin underneath. Remember not to use it too often though because it will cause your skin to become red and irritated.

After exfoliation remember that it’s essential to moisturise – the Body Hydrating Cream is perfect for the job – in order to maintain your skin’s moisture levels and to keep it looking great. If you follow these steps for the next few months then you have nothing to worry about when the sun comes out.