Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream available from Pure Beauty OnlineAfter the winter that Britain’s just faced – and is still facing by the looks of it – it’s really important to think about getting your skin ready for the summer. Although spring has finally arrived it’s still pretty chilly out there and no one is quite ready to take off their winter woollies in favour of a t-shirt just yet. However, because winter is seemingly endless this year and your skin has now been covered up for months, it’s likely to be dry, dull and flaky.

During winter when your skin is not exposed it can be really easy to generally forget to give it the treatment it’s become used to. Throughout the winter many people don’t bother moisturising anything but their faces because that’s all that anyone can see. We all understand that sentiment but underneath all those clothes your skin has become dry and irritated and needs help to get back into great condition.

When your skin becomes dry and irritated because it’s been left over the winter, now’s the time to start giving it some serious treatment with products like Dermalogica’s Body Hydrating Cream which gently exfoliates the accumulated dead skin cells to reveal fresh, bright skin and restores hydration levels of the skin, bringing it back to its former glory.