Dermalogica Skin Kits available from Pure Beauty OnlineNow’s the time when people start to realise that they’ve neglected their skin all winter and it looks dull and dry just as we’re getting ready to head into summer. So, everyone enters panic mode and starts looking for the perfect quick fix to get their skin back on top; the truth is though, there isn’t a quick fix though, in order to get your skin looking great again you need to follow a dedicated skin care regime.

Dermalogica have a huge range of Sin Kits available which contain a variety of products intended for all skin types so whether you have sensitive, hyper pigmented, dry, oily, normal/dry, normal/oily, ageing or spot prone skin there’s a skin kit for you. Each of the kits contains at least five products with samples and trial sizes too. The combination of products will help to create a great skin care product for any skin type for a great price.

Using the skin kits is really easy, the fact that you have all the products you’ll need in one handy box makes the mornings and evenings much less stressful and it also means you can try out a number of products for the price it would usually cost to buy one or two – they really are worth a try.