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Dermalogic Dermal Clay Cleanser available from Pure Beauty OnlineOily skin is difficult to look after at the best of times but in the middle of summer when the humidity is unbearable it’s an absolute nightmare – unless you treat it properly. Another common occurrence throughout the year is the make-up slide and this is once again made worse by oily skin and hot weather. Shiny skin and sliding make-up is exactly what tempts you to apply more throughout the day which can consequently block your pores and cause an outbreak of spots – something you really don’t want through the summer.

If you want to avoid this and get oily skin under control then a good skin care regime is essential and will keep your face looking fresh throughout the day.

Try starting your day with Dermalogica’s Dermal Clay Cleanser which is intended for excessively oily skin. It will gently treat the skin while deeply cleaning the pores to remove any dirt and impurities.

Then try Dermalogica’s bestseller Active Moist which is an oil-free moisturiser that’s light weight so won’t clog your pores and is suitable for everyday use.

Finally, their Oil Control Lotion helps to regulate sebum production – so that your skin doesn’t produce more than it needs to – and absorbs any excess oils on the surface of the skin leaving your skin looking fresh all day long.