Dermalogica Solar Defence available from Pure Beauty OnlineAs summer supposedly draws nearer you’ll be reading all about how to stay safe in the sun. Obviously sun screen is one of the most important things to have to hand throughout the summer but the most important thing is to make sure you apply it to every bit of skin that’s on show.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable sun screen – Dermalogica’s Solar Defence System has a great selection to choose from including boosters which can be added to your everyday moisturiser – it’s important to apply it properly. If the sun’s shining outside then the likelihood is that you’ll have a lot more skin on show than usual so it’s essential to cover it.

One area that people always forget to protect is their feet; quite often in the summer you’ll avoid trainers and pumps and opt for sandals and flip flops instead. The skin on your feet is pretty thin and although it takes a lot of stress on a daily basis generally it’s not really exposed to the sun. Because the skin’s so thin if it’s not protected then it will burn which will make it painful for you to wear anything on your feet which means that sunscreen is essential so try Dermalogica’s range today.