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It seems that many people suffer from painful spots and infected hair follicles on the body. It is often found to be a particular problem on their back and chest and it can be a real issue that can be difficult to deal with.

We always recommend that any spots that appear on your body should always be seen by your doctor to ensure that they are simply breakouts on the body and nothing more serious. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Spots on your body are not only painful but they can also be unsightly and make you feel very self concious about yourself and your appearance to others. We believe that prevention is always better than cure.

Breakouts on your body are usually caused by the same issues that cause breakouts on your face: one of your pores becomes blocked through various means, bacteria develop and grow resulting in the raised, red and painful spot. The problem is that the treatments that can be effective on the face are usually quite expensive and are not designed to cover such a large area.

We have had a lot of experience with this particular problem at Pure Beauty and we have found that once the medicinal treatments have finished it is a good idea to try and prevent future breakouts. Our advise is to use a good quality body wash and exfoliant in the shower and work them really well in the areas where the breakouts are likely to occur on your body. Our favourite combination is using the Conditioning Body Wash with the Ultimate Buffing Cloth, both from Dermalogica.

Using these two products together enables you to work the Conditioning Body Wash into an high lather and then apply it using the very gentle abrasive action of the Buffing Cloth all over your body but concentrating on the specific areas of concern to you.

These products are not designed specifically to be treatments for body acne, but the ingredients used within the Conditioning Body Wash and the exfoliating action of the Buffing Cloth when combined treat your skin and keep it free of the problems than can combine to produce spots on your body.