Knowing what to use on your skin, how often it should be used and in what order is a bit of a mystery. It would seem to be a deep secret that only a few know but no-one seems to know it all. It’s a bit like the recipe for Lea and Perrins: divided by 4 people, each know what has to be included on their part and how much – but no-one knows it all.

So we’re going to try to shed some light on the secret even though it will be in broad strokes. We will attempt to use the most common name for the product type in order that it can benefit everyone.

Cleanser1. Cleanser

The Cleanser is always the first step in any skincare routine, removing debris, oils and environmental pollutants that have built up throughout the day.

A cleanser is critical for all Skincare Regimes and most, if not all should be used morning and evening.

Exfoliator2. Exfoliator

The exfoliator is used to remove any dead skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal. They also help to reveal the younger skin layers below which are often brighter and firmer.

An exfoliator should be used once or twice weekly in general although there are now many daily exfoliators available.

Masque3. Masque or Mask

The masque is an intensive treatment that is designed to be left on the face for a much longer period of time. This time varies due to the ingredients in the masque and the purpose of the masque which could be to deeply nourish dry skin or intensively treat oily skin.

A masque should be used once or twice weekly generally.

Toner4. Toner

The toner is used to re-introduce water to the skin. Dehydrated skin types are often lacking in water and require a toner to begin the process of nourishing the skin after the preparing products used before such as the cleanser and exfoliator.

A toner should usually be used morning and evening.

Serum5. Serum

Serums are highly concentrated products that can be used to target specific areas of concern or can be used to enhance the power and benefits of your moisturiser by mixing them together.

A serum should usually be used morning and evening.

Eyecare6. Eye Care

Eye creams are designed specifically to be used around the delicate eye area and are used to target concerns such as dark circles, fine lines and dryness.

An eye cream should be used morning and evening in most cases.

Mousturiser7. Moisturiser

Moisturisers are the final step in your skincare routine and are one of the key elements of any skincare routine along with a cleanser. They are the final step in the nourishing elements of your routine.

A moisturiser should be used both morning and evening.

In future articles we will further explore the two sides of a skincare routine and how the 7 elements work together and why it is important that they are used in this order.