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Looking after our face is an important part of our cleanliness routine but it is easy to ignore it until the ill effects of poor care begin to affect our looks. Exposed to the elements and the grime of everyday life, our face will look better and feel nicer if we take care of it regularly. A simple skin care routine with products that support and condition the skin will have a benefit in how it looks and feels. Healthier skin also holds makeup longer and makes us look more alert.

It’s important to understand what type of skin you have before purchasing product. If you have normal skin it is likely to be fairly robust, firm and smooth and have only occasional spots or blemishes. Cleansing, treating any spots and moisturising will keep it in tip top form. Oily skin, which will look shiny and is likely to have larger pores and more blemishes requires toner as part of the skin care regime and will benefit from exfoliating, while dry skin tends to be flaky and needs regular moisturising, including at night. If your skin is a combination type, with elements of all of the above, try to ensure you target problem areas with the correct products and attention. Sensitive skin, which tends to react or become irritated by products, requires careful testing and gentle treatment so make sure you use hypoallergenic skin treatments and patch test them first.

Your face has extremely delicate skin which can become infected easily to try to avoid picking and squeezing spots or touching it more than necessary as bacteria can easily be introduced to small cracks or open pores.

Lady Splashing Water On Face

A daily cleaning routine should involve:-

  • Cleanse twice daily, either with milk or lotion cleansers or a foaming cleansing solution. A warm water wash first will open pores, then massage the product in using fingers or cotton pads. Give it some time to soak in and remove the grime before wiping or washing it away. Splashing with cold water will close pores up once it has been removed.
  • Toner is applied with a cotton pad and restores the ph balance of your skin. While it is most essential for those with oily skin, all skin types will benefit. Do not wash toner off after application.
  • Next, apply a moisturiser best suited to your skin type to restore moisture and build strength and protection into the skin. There are special products available for eye areas.
  • A couple of times a week exfoliate to remove dead skin and freshen up the surface. Since this helps to prevent blocked pores, pay special attention to the area around the nose, where creases trap dead skin.

These simple steps will rejuvenate your skin and help keep it as fresh as a new daisy, perfect for making sure you always present your best face to the world at large.