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Whether you’ve had a hard day at work, argued with a partner or are struggling to keep juggling all those balls in the air, there’s no denying that life’s little obstacles can put a damper on your mood.

Relaxing and becoming stress free

Whilst feeling stressed and blue is almost part of modern daily life, these feelings don’t have to take over and overwhelm you.

We have some easy to follow tips to keep you on top of things:

Focus on the Positives
When life is busy it can be easy to focus on the negative thoughts and emotions that are consuming your time, but all this will do is increase your stress levels and zap your energy. Rather than focusing on the things that are going wrong start thinking about the positive aspects of your life. Maybe you have a great family, a job you love, a holiday coming up or even a birthday to celebrate. It really doesn’t matter what it is but if it makes you feel good, think about it and you’ll be surprised how your mood will be lifted.

Count Your Blessings
Rather than having a swear box, start a gratitude jar instead. Everytime you have a good day, a compliment or simply feel great, write it down and put it in the jar. When you are feeling blue pick out one of those notes and remember a happy time or keep them all for New Year’s Eve and see what an awesome year you’ve had.

Take a Break
If you’re simply juggling too many things at once your mind and body will need a break. Put your troubles to one side and do something you enjoy. Whether it’s going for a run, taking a yoga class or reading a book, you’ll feel much better equipped to deal with your troubles if you’ve had time to clear the chatter in your head.

A Problem Shared
If you have something you just can’t get off your mind, talk it over with someone you trust. Discussing the issue with a friend will not only take some of the pressure off you but also potentially give you a new perspective and solution for moving forwards. Remember, it’s good to talk.

Drip some lavender, tea tree or another favourite oil into the palm of your hand, inhale and relax. The soothing smell can help ease stress and anxiety by stimulating receptors in the nose that connect to the part of the brain that regulates emotions. If you have an oil burner use it whilst you have a bath and let your worries drift away.

You don’t need to go on a retreat in the mountains to meditate. Just five minutes of peace is all it takes to fell the benefits of mediation. Turn your phone off; find a comfortable spot in a quiet place, focus on your breath and you will feel those anxieties disappear.

And relax.

Write It Down
By simply writing down your emotions you can make them seem less intimating and overwhelming. An excellent exercise is to sit and write in a journal for five minutes everyday and let the pages soak up your worries.

For a quick boost, simply smile. Smiling brightens up eyes and tones the muscles in your face. Laughter also makes you feel more relaxed. Try it…

Take Action
Taking responsibility for your life is sometimes key to moving forwards happily. If you want to lose weight, eat healthy and start to exercise. If someone is upsetting you, talk to them about your feelings. If you hate you job, write up your CV and start looking for a new one. By taking control of your actions and happiness you really can create the life you want.