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sport related skincarePlaying a sport can be good for us in so many ways; as well as helping to keep us fit and healthy, playing a sport can encourage mental wellness and a feeling of accomplishment. However, there can be a slight downside to certain sports, in that they’re tough on your body in other ways. We thought we’d look at some of the most popular sports, their effects on your beauty regime and what you can do to help.


Ever since Bradley Wiggins brought the yellow jersey home from the Tour de France and Team GB did so well at the cycling events at the London 2012 Olympics, the UK seems to have caught cycling fever! Cycling is an excellent way to get a full body workout and if you’re brave enough can still be done in both rain and shine. It can, however, be tough on your hands and encourage callouses and rough skin to develop. We’d recommend Decleor Nourishing and Smoothing Hand Cream which will nourish the hands and protect them from the elements, as well as Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment as an overnight treatment to repair the cuticles and give deep moisturisation.


Tennis is a great sport for both exercise and socialisation, and joining a tennis club can do wonders for both your health and your social life. During the summer months, you’ll likely be playing outside which means that a good sun lotion will be in order. Protect your face whilst keeping a flawless complexion with Decleor Multi-Protection BB Cream SPF15 in light, medium or dark and protect your body with Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50, a product specifically designed to be used during sport and therefore won’t be affected by perspiration.


Women’s football is becoming more popular than ever, with Liverpool Ladies and England Captain Gemma Bonner providing a hugely positive role-model for girls around the country. There’s no doubt that football is a physically demanding sport, and 90 minutes of running (and that’s not counting added time…) is enough to give even the fittest sportsperson tired legs. We recommend that you put some life back into your aching pins with Decleor Circulagel Refreshing Leg Gel.


Swimming offers perhaps the best full body workout of any sport, with breaststroke estimated to work at least 30 of the major muscles. There’s no doubt though, that the chemicals used to clean a pool can be hard on your hair if you swim regularly and even salt can be harmful if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm enough to swim in the sea. You’ll need to use haircare products which are powerful enough to cleanse away the chemicals without stripping your hair of you use them every day so products such as Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo and Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner are an important addition to your bathroom.