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The benefits of caffeineCaffeine is one of those things to which the old adage definitely applies; everything in moderation! Whilst supping highly caffeinated drinks all day long could leave you feeling anxious and wired, there are actually benefits to a moderate intake of caffeine each day, so we thought we’d take a look at how and why caffeine can help you.

Protection against Skin Cancer

Research has shown that rates of melanoma are significantly lower amongst people who drink caffeinated coffee. Whilst we aren’t suggesting that you shun a good high SPF sun cream in favour of a skinny latte, it’s worth bearing in mind that caffeine can boost your skin’s defenses if you like to spend time in the sun.

Reduction of muscle pain

If you work out regularly and particularly if you train with weights, a moderate dose of caffeine (2 cups) has been show to help greatly with post-workout muscle soreness. The study was conducted at the University of Georgia and showed that, not only did the caffeine help with the pain, but it can also increase the effectiveness of other types of pain relief, meaning you could need up to 40% less of your regular analgesic.

Improved cognitive function

Caffeine has been shown to actually sharpen the mind and improve brain function such as memory recall and consolidation – in layman’s terms, drinking coffee after you study can actually help you to retain all of the stuff you’re trying to learn. There is also growing evidence that coffee is a weapon against Alzheimer’s, with one particular study showing increased memory function in sufferers who consumed caffeinated coffee.

Reduced fatty liver disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition which causes the build-up of fat cells within the liver and can impair function and can lead to a number of more serious conditions. Side effects can include tiredness and acne because the body fails to get rid of toxins effectively, but caffeine has been shown to have a positive effect on NAFLD and can stimulate the liver function greatly.

Help with making a baby…

Okay, so this one is a little blush-inducing, but men who have a moderate caffeine intake not only have a hugely reduced risk of erectile dysfunction but also have an increase volume of sperm. This means that getting your partner to indulge in a cup of Joe each day whilst trying for a baby could really improve your chances of conception.