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dark nailsThere’s no denying that dark nails have been a huge trend this season, appearing on catwalks and red carpets alike. Shades such as burgundy, khaki and chestnut brown have all been spotted on the hands of those who know what’s on-trend and autumnal hues are being paired with dark lips for a pulled-together look.

However, perfect dark nails aren’t that simple to achieve so we thought we’d offer some tips on how to get it just right.

Keep it Neat

In our opinion, dark nails look best on nails which are trimmed short and filed neatly, as using dark shades on super-long nails can give a slightly claw-like effect. Make sure your cuticles are trimmed and hands are moisturised, as dark nails will draw attention and highlight any imperfections that you may have failed to attend to when caring for your nails and hands. Use Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment to keep your digits in tip-top condition.

Use a Base Coat

If you’re using a very dark shade of nail polish, the chances are it will stain your nails. That’s why it’s important to use a clear base coat as a barrier between your nail and the polish, to avoid pigmentation being transferred and staining the nails indelibly.

Mask Up

If you’re painting your own nails, it can be really difficult to ensure your edges are neat, especially when using your weaker hand. Using a cotton bud to mask the skin around your nails with a little petroleum jelly will stop nail varnish sticking to your skin and can be wiped clean once your nails have dried, leaving you with perfectly tidy edges.

Use a Gentle Remover

Constant painting and cleaning of nails can strip them of their natural oils and leave them brittle and weak. The problem with dark nails is that it’s hugely noticeable as soon as they chip, so they need to be maintained – opt for a nail polish remover which is acetone free and be sure to treat your nails regularly with Decleor Ongles Nail Oil to restore vitality.

Go Matte!

Dark nails can look stunning if you go for a shade without shine, especially when teamed with an autumn-inspired outfit. There are several top coats on the market which ‘mattify’, which means you can choose any shade of nail polish from any collection and vary the effects, even going ‘half and half’ for a shiny/matte French manicured look!