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As we hit the last month of the year, the Sunday night blues are hitting hard as the thought of getting up on a Monday morning and making your way to work in the cold and dark makes you want to hide under the duvet.

In a recent survey by Monster.com, 78% of people said they experience “Sunday Night Blues” with nearly half saying it really gets them don’t.

Whilst we know it can be hard to shake that sinking feeling off, we have some easy to follow tips that can allow you to enjoy all of your weekend rather than spending it dreading the week ahead.

Switch Off
Whilst it is possible to be connected to work 24/7 connectivity, you don’t have to be. You are busy enough checking emails and phones call during your 9 – 5 (or 8 – 8) so at the weekend your need to switch off. We all know it is easy to check in incase of an emergency but the weekend is precious time off so switch off any work devices and relax – if something really bad happens, someone, somewhere will be able to contact you.

Plan Your Week Ahead
Don’t just save fun times for the weekend or you are setting yourself up for a mid-week fall. Plan things to look forward to during the week that will give you something other than work to focus on. We’re not talking anything amazing here but seeing a friend for dinner, tuning in for your favourite TV show, lunch away from your desk and planning a date night. You might think this won’t do anything but with the scheduled in the diary it will help make the week as fun as the weekend.

Make Friday Afternoon the New Monday Morning
Might sound crazy when all you want to do is forget about work but set aside some time on Friday to prepare for Monday. By doing this you can have things organised on your desk, a new to do list, your diary sorted and then on Sunday night your mind will be less likely to race and think about what you have to do at 9am the next day.

Make Sunday Special
Rather than using Sunday for chores and admin, instead, start to make Sunday a time to look forward to. Make it a date night, go out and see a film with a bucket of popcorn, cook a roast dinner, invite people over and really make the most of your day off. Whatever you do, put it in the diary, make it fun and stick to it and don’t think about work or the week ahead of you.

Relax before bed
With preparations for Monday complete, to keep your mind off the blues create a soothing end to Sunday night. Whether you meditate, do some yoga, read a book or have a hot bath; do something relaxing before you hit the pillow and go into a restful sleep. If you really can’t sleep, don’t lie there getting increasingly anxious, instead get up, have a warm drink, listen to some music and then try again.