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Post Christmas DetoxThe Christmas season is often the time when we but our bodies through the most – late nights, rich food and excessive amounts of alcohol can all take their toll on your system, all adding up to mean that you start the New Year feeling sluggish. Here are some tips on things you can do after the Christmas period is out of the way to make you feel healthier and ready for 2016:

Drink Plenty of Water

There’s a good chance that the Christmas period has left you dehydrated, which can affect your skin and hair, cause headaches and leave you feeling generally lacking in energy. Treat yourself to a new water bottle (you can even get ones which have a compartment for fruit, allowing you to infuse the water with flavour and vitamins) and try to drink at least 2 litres a day for the next week.

Scrub Away Dead Cells

Exfoliating your skin is a great way to make you feel rejuvenated as it gets rid of the old, dull skin cells, making way for the new cells beneath. Use the Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush with the Dermalogica Clean Bar, followed by Decleor 2 in 1 Purifying and Oxygenating Mask for an ultra-clean, fresh-feeling face.

Get Moving

January is the single most popular time of year for gym memberships to be taken out, which means that your local place for exercise will probably be massively busy and oversubscribed (until people forget about their New Years’ Resolutions, that is!). If you want to get yourself more active, why not try increasing your daily steps? There are pedometer apps for almost every mobile phone and just by hitting your 10,000 a day, you’ll start to feel fitter and more active.

Treat Yourself to a Haircut

If you didn’t have a chance to get your hair done before the Christmas rush, why not make time now? And, if you’re feeling really bold, why not opt for a totally new style? Something as simple as having your hair done differently to your ‘usual’ cut can increase confidence and have a knock-on effect on your whole attitude. Have a chat with a trusted stylist about what suits your age and face-shape and you could end up feeling a million dollars!

Have a Clear Out

We recently read a really good tip – go through your wardrobe and section off anything that you haven’t worn for over 6 months. Put it to one side and if you still haven’t worn it 6 weeks later, donate it to charity. Clearing out the unnecessary clutter in our lives can really help with a feeling of mental wellness…and it will give you space for all the fabulous bargains that you nab in the January sales!