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The start of a new year is the perfect time to assess your style and make changes to bring your look bang up to date.

We aren’t talking about taking every item out of your wardrobe and starting from scratch, but spending a morning or afternoon assessing where you are and just what image you would like to project in 2016.

We have some top resolutions that could make all the difference not only to the way you look this year but also how you feel.

The question is, are you brave enough to change?

Resolution one – stop playing matchy-matchy
Somewhere down the line someone said you have to pair brown boots with a brown bag and that blue and green should never been seen. These style snippets aren’t true but they stick in our minds and can make for a somewhat safe look. Go for a pop of pink with a new scarf, a splash of red in a jumper or add leopard print to boots and you are looking at a whole new you.

Resolution two – don’t be afraid to shine
Wear a sequinned top with jeans, a denim skirt with silver pumps or add super-cute diamanté buttons to a coat and whatever you do, shine with style.

Resolution three – wear the size you are
Be honest with yourself when you are getting dressed and wear something that fits. Size is just a number and if you squash into a snug pair of jeans or drown in a massive sweater, neither will make you feel the best you. Pick the right size, buy the right size and wear the right size and it will make a massive difference to your look and confidence.

Resolution four – leave your comfort zone
We all do it, head to our black jumper, navy jacket or grey shirt to feel safe and hidden from the world. Why not add one stand out item into your wardrobe and see how it feels. Prints, navy, camel and white are a great way to make small changes and if you are feeling brave a bright coat or statement pair of shoes can add a new dimension to your colour palette.

Resolution five – have a feel good favourite
There are some social events you can’t plan for so have a great, flattering LBD that you keep clean and pressed that you can put on last minute and feel amazing.

Resolution six – experiment with make up
We all do it. Put on foundation, blusher, mascara, lippy and head out of the door. Why stick with safe when there is a world of experimenting out there? A coloured eye liner instead of your usual black or brown can be a starting point. Green or navy mascara can give a subtle pop of colour and adding smoky eyes looks stunning but not out of place even on a Monday morning. Go on, give it a go.

Resolution seven – don’t slum it at the weekend
We all do it from time to time but don’t sit around in your PJs all weekend long. It is fine to go casual but tatty t-shirts and dirty tracksuit bottoms just don’t cut it unless you are ill. New Look and H&M have excellent luxe sports pieces you can mix and match or go for boyfriend jeans and layered tops for a cool, chic look that will look polished but relaxed.

Resolution eight – organised, organise, organise
You will find that if you organise your clothes, accessories and shoes it will be much easier to get ready in the morning Give away what you don’t need or like (or fit into) and only buy what you love moving forwards. Arrange but colour and type, roll items rather than fold and put shoes in clear boxes and you can find what you need, fast.

We would love to know what changes you plan to make to your style in 2016.