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This week, we were hit with the sad news that David Bowie had passed away, age 69. David Bowie was a style icon for the best part of fifty years and the world will be a far less colourful place for the loss of such an innovative artist. To pay tribute to the man who brought us such classics as “Starman”, “Modern Love” and “Fashion”, as well as films like “Labyrinth” and “The Prestige”, we thought we’d take a look at some of his most iconic looks from across the decades.


David Bowie 60's

David Bowie was always ahead of his time in terms of both his image and his art. The late Sixties saw the release of several singles, including The Laughing Gnome which gave us a glimpse of the humour behind the man. This fresh-faced look was simple and classic and has been much-imitated in the years since.


Bowie 70's

The glam-rock 1970’s saw Bowie re-emerge as a beautiful butterfly, in psychedelic colours and outlandish costumes. He introduced his alter-ego ‘Ziggy Stardust’ for the single ‘Starman’ and although Ziggy was one of his most short-lived persona, it’s probably his best remembered thanks to the trademark brightly coloured hair and statement make-up.


Bowie 80's

The 80’s saw Bowie perform with Queen and Mick Jagger in some of his most popular collaborations, and also saw a shift towards the ‘power dressing’ period of his constant evolution. Slicked back hair and sharp suits were the order of the day with Bowie often choosing light grey or pastel colours, which made his blond hair and different colour eyes (one was green and one was black after being punched as a teenager!) pop.


Bowie 90's

By the 90’s, Bowie had moved into what we like to think of as the ‘high fashion’ period. No longer making such bright and bold statements with his fashion and beauty, Bowie settled into a sleeker, more grown-up look which could well have been influenced by his wife, supermodel Iman. Bowie spent the later years of his life living in New York and his fashion choices seemed to really reflect this.


Bowie 00's

It’s hard to find a picture of David Bowie in the last fifteen years which don’t see him clothed almost entirely in monochrome colours. In the latter years of his life, he seemed to opt for blacks, greys and whites, often wearing classic hats and well-cut coats. His hair was never short but he kept it tidy and well-styled, even allowing his slightly darker natural blond to grow though, rather than the platinum of his younger days.

David Bowie will be sadly missed by all here at Pure Beauty but his amazing legacy lives on through his music and films, as well as his abiding image.