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long or short hairWhether you like to wear your tresses long and flowing or short and pixie-like, there’s no denying that sometimes it’s nice to make a change to your overall look. If you’ve worn your hair the same way for years, it’s easy to feel like you simply couldn’t do anything drastic without affecting your whole identity, but we thought we’d look at some of the pros and cons of both long and short hair to help you make up your mind.


Short hair is often reliant on using a lot of product, which means that you need to wash it often so that you don’t end up with nasty build up and hair which looks like Lego snap-on hair! By the same token, many of us heat-style longer hair which encourages over-production of oils from the scalp, leaving us needing to wash hair just as often to keep it from looking lank and greasy. The only way to avoid needing to wash your hair all that often is by having either a crop or dreadlocks, two looks which can be VERY tricky to pull off!


It’s easy to think that short hair needs less styling, but unless your hair is cropped SUPER short, this very often isn’t the case. Short hair often needs a lot of faff to keep it looking presentable, whereas plenty of long hair dos require little more than brushing. It’s also worth remembering that you can stick long hair straight into a ponytail if you aren’t in the mood to mess around (or you don’t have the time).


The level of maintenance required for both long and short hair depends very much upon the actual style you opt for. If you go full Amber Rose and shave your head, you can maintain your own hair with a pair of clippers, however a neat little pixie cut will require regular chops by a hairdresser to keep it from looking untidy. Conversely, long hair can pretty much be left to its own devices, unless you opt for something like an asymmetric bob or layers, which will need to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks to maintain its shape. Make sure you think about all of this before deciding which style to go for.

Face Shape

The fact of the matter is, some of us simply don’t suit certain hairstyles. Those of us with super round faces (that’ll be me, then…) usually can’t pull off short hairstyles as our facial bone structure just isn’t delicate enough. It’s also true that people with delicate features can sometimes look as though they are drowning under a huge mop of hair. If you don’t know what your face shape is, wait until the bathroom mirror is steamed up after a bath or shower and use your finger to draw around the edge of the reflection of your face – what you’re left with should be a good indicator of your face shape and should help you to decide which style is best for you.