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reasons not to squeeze spotsSpots and blackheads can be a real pain, especially if you’ve got to face the world with unsightly blemishes, and the temptation to pop them is always strong. However, there are many compelling reasons NOT to pop your spots and we thought we’d take a look at some of them, as well as giving you some alternative treatments.


Most people don’t have a dermatologists’ tool kit at their disposal, which means spot pops are usually done with fingernails. It’s difficult to ensure that fingernails are 100% clean at all times, which means that the risk of infection is pretty high. Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes are a great way to clean the skin and help reduce the inflammation around pimples.


It might seem as though popping a spot will help it to go down, but breaking the skin and squeezing out the contents is a sure-fire way of worsening inflammation. Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist is a fantastic product for reducing inflammation and calming the redness and irritation and actually protects the skin from further irritation.


Believe it or not, it’s possible to damage the skin so deeply during popping that you’ll actually leave behind scars, which will be far worse (and more permanent) than the spots themselves. Dermalogica Breakout Control is an invisible cream which will clear current breakouts and balance the skin, so as to avoid further breakouts.


Broken skin needs to heal and if you pop your spots, there’s a very good chance that you’ll leave yourself with scabs, which can be FAR harder to cover than the original blemish. Dermalogica Pore Control Scrub is a gentle exfoliant which purifies the skin, balances excess sebum and washes away bacteria which causes spots, allowing you to actively prevent issues before they happen.

More Spots

When you squeeze a spot, some of the contents will ooze out, but some of it can be forces back into the skin, which can cause further spots. Using a decent face wash, which is targeted for spot-prone skin, is the best way to avoid breakouts, and we recommend Dermalogica Foaming Wash which is perfect for teenage skin but can be used by anyone who wants to avoid blemishes and oil-imbalance.