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Are you always on the go?

Feel stressed most of the time?

Need an extra day in the week?

Feel tired mid-afternoon, however much coffee you drink?

Have trouble sleeping?

Constantly rushing from one thing to another?

Feel as if you never give anything 100%?

Stop, for just a moment and try to remember the last time you sat down and did nothing?

Yes, that’s right, nothing.

Bet you can’t remember?

Bet you feel uncomfortable just thinking about it?

Many of us are busy juggling hectic careers, family and friends and don’t get time to do anything for ourselves. Whilst we know we should relax, most of us don’t.

“I rarely sit on my own and relax, it just feels, well, lazy.”

“I dream of having a morning off to do nothing but with the school run, a dog to walk, home to run and family to look after, it really is just a dream.”

“I have exams coming up, a new boyfriend as well as a busy job and lots of friends. Sometimes I just wish I could run away and escape from the pressure for an hour, but I can’t, can I?”

Whilst you might think that doing nothing is a waste if time, it really isn’t. Making time for yourself to do nothing can help improve your life, ease your stress and in the long run, make you happier and more productive.

We’ve got some easy ideas that we hope will help you sit back and relax, so you can reflect and refresh.

Take stock
This doesn’t have to take up hours and hours but by stopping for ten minutes a day and seeing where you are, you can really make progress. Find somewhere quite where you can time out and reflect. Whether this is in your living room, bedroom or even in the shed, for a little time each day, go there when you want to stop and start to feel calm again.

Drop the gadgets
We are becoming increasingly dependent on our screens and that can actually add to our stresses and pressures. Once a day, and not just at bedtime switch off your phone, laptop or TV and for ten minutes enjoy being incommunicado. We have come to think we can only exist when we are switched on when in reality it is almost the opposite. Give it a go, we think you might like it.

Three good things
Rather than focusing on the bad in life, try to come up with three good things that have happened every day. A promotion, coffee with a friend, sunshine or even a chat with your neighbour – if it makes you smile and helps you connect with the world, and yourself, write it down. Before long it will become part of your routine and however tough your day has been, you will see still the good in it.

Meditating is a fantastic way to clear your mind and simply be at one with your thoughts. Sit quietly, close your eyes if you wish, and then focus on your breathing. As you breath in and out let go of your work and family worries and start feeling lighter as you enjoy a moment of stillness.

Turn the lights down
You will never sleep well if you go to bed buzzing. Try not to eat late at night and avoid caffeine in the evening it you can as these can both keep you awake. Run a warm bath, light candles and relax in the bath before getting into bed and leave your day far behind you.

The only thing you’ve got to do now, is decide when to get started doing nothing.