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With Easter on the horizon, now is the perfect time to think about a city mini break to get away from it all.

As well as researching where to go and booking flights and hotels, you’ll also need to think about your packing. Some of the appeal about a mini break is being able to travel lightly and we have some tips so your luggage is minimum but your style is maxed out.

Get the right bag
It might look pretty but if your bag won’t fit in a plane’s overhead locker without a lot of shoving, it’s not the best choice. Pick something that is practical and stylish and within the limits of your carrier – be that plane, train or auto-mobile.

Mix and match
Mixing and matching outfits is the way to go when it comes to travelling light. Go for a simple, but classic, mix of jeans, tees and light jumpers . Pack one or two dresses that will match at least one pair of shoes, and remember, in many cities you will be tempted to shop, so leave room for those impulsive buys you can’t resist.

Comfort is key
You might be heading to Paris but don’t be tempted to only pack catwalk outfits. Wear wrinkle-resistant items so you aren’t constantly ironing whilst you are away. If you are going to be walking then you need to take at least on pair of flats but we suggest two. Think one pair of ballet pumps in black or navy plus a pair of chic trainers.

Layer up
Unless you’re heading to sunny climes, we suggest you layer clothes to keep yourself warm rather than taking bulky sweaters and jackets that might not be as stylish as you’d wish. Long-sleeved cotton tees, vests and sweatshirts are the perfect versatile layering pieces. Pretty cardigans with detail buttons will look as good with jeans as with a dress for the evening.

Downsize on beauty products
When it comes to beauty products, don’t take your entire bathroom cabinet, as this will simply weigh you down. Either put your favourites into smaller bottles and pots or buy travel size options that will fit into your case easily.

The same goes for make-up. You don’t need to pack every item you own. Take a foundation and powder, mascara, blusher and lipstick. Keep the tones neutral so they compliment your clothes, pack hand-cream so your hands stay soft and take a spritzer toner to keep hydrated.

Take a scarf or pashmina
This really is the ultimate travel fashion must-have. In churches you can cover shoulders or legs if need be. If it is bit chilly, wrap it around you. Need to create new look? Pop on a pash’ and the job is done. If it rains not only will it keep you dry but so will your phone and camera.

Go gadget, go
We know life is all about tech, but too many gadgets can weigh you down. Keep the laptop and camera at home and use your phone and tablet to chat, snap, and work if you must.

Check your bags
It is so easy to do, but before you leave just check you have your passport, tickets, money and reservation details.

Happy packing and have a great time.