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With the Bank Holiday coming up and a potential of FOUR days off, there’s a good chance that many of us will be enjoying date night at some point in the next few days. Dedicated time with your other half can be tricky to find, especially if you’re parents, so you’ll want to make the most of it and getting ready is all part of the process. We’ve put together a list of tips for you to help you to look your best on your special night out.

Take a Bath

Obviously you’ll want to be clean and refreshed for your date, so taking a relaxing bath is the ultimate in multitasking. Adding Dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts to your bath will purify and revitalise your skin, while the warming scents of coriander, cinnamon and ginger will help to relax your body and clear your mind, leaving you able to focus 100% on your loved one.


If you’re getting cosy with your significant other, there’s nothing quite so off-putting as grazing yourself on their rough skin, so exfoliating before date night is a must. Concentrate on areas like elbows, knees and feet to work on the really rough parts and use a Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth to really get into those hard-to-reach areas.


Whether you choose to shave, wax or epilate you’ll need to take care of your skin once you’ve de-fuzzed. Use Decleor Post-Wax Cream (Sensitive Areas) on the really delicate areas and Decleor Post-Wax Double Action Gel everywhere else to reduce swelling, minimise redness and take away the risk of getting ingrown hairs.


If you don’t want to laden your face with heavy foundation or powder, opting for a BB cream will help you to achieve a flawless look without the weight. Decleor Multi-Protection BB Cream not only offers excellent coverage but it also contains an SPF15 for added protection and anti-aging protection. It also illuminates and evens out the complexion, refines the skins texture and corrects blemishes, making it a real multi-tool of a product.

Pucker Up!

Perhaps the MOST important part of date night is making sure that you’ve got kissable lips! This time of year, with the weather warm one minute and freezing the next, means that lips are often chapped and sore, so keeping Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment in your bag will help to keep your pout in perfect condition.