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Spring is a fabulous time for year for new fruit and veg as there are a whole bunch of new things in season which are great for your health. Here’s a guide to what’s in season, how they can be eaten and, most importantly, how they benefit your health and beauty regime.



Sorrel is a leafy veg which doesn’t make it into many day-to-day dishes, but it’s actually packed with vitamins and minerals while being very low in calories. It has a unique flavour which is a little bit ‘love it or hate it’, but if it’s your cup of tea it’s great when added to a leafy salad, or can even be chopped finely and used more like a herb to flavour other dishes. It’s full of vitamin C, with half a cup fulfilling your daily needs and also contains many cancer-fighting compounds.

Spring Greens

spring greens

Probably the most obvious ‘spring’ veg, spring greens (also known as Collard greens in other parts of the world) are similar to kale and are best when cooked down and eaten hot, especially with some lardons and a little red chilli. These are an essential part of your diet if you have any sort of dairy intolerance as they contain high levels of calcium without the need for milk. They are also a great source of dietary fibre, which will reduce the risk of bloating, as well as containing a whole host of other vitamins and minerals.



Radishes are largely under-appreciated here in the UK, consigned to being the bit of the salad that no-one eats, but they’re actually a tasty, nutritious and fairly versatile veg. They’re actually used in a lot of ancient medicines for their ability to cool the body and and hydrate the skin and they’re also full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients.


rhubarbRhubarb is a fruit which is best known for being used in crumbles and pies, which is largely because the fibrous fruit (which is technically a veg!) needs to be cooked down a lot to be made palatable, but once you’ve prepared it, it’s both delicious and good for you. Every serving of rhubarb provides 45% of the daily value in vitamin K, which supports healthy bone growth and can limit neuronal damage in the brain, even to the point of Alzheimer’s prevention.

Jersey Royal New Potatoes

Jersey Royals

Popular opinion of potatoes is largely negative – many people think that potatoes are just a ‘filler’ which contain very little nutrients but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jersey Royals contain complex carbohydrates which are essential for energy and just 100g of them contain 25% of your daily RDA of vitamin C, which is essential in the diet for maintaining healthy skin, hair, bones, teeth and gums.