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coconut oilBeauty trends often go hand in hand with trends through health and food related things too, and in the last few years one of the main trends has been for coconut oil. It’s well known for its hugely beneficial properties, so much so that Dermalogica Super Rich Repair contains a healthy dose of it for repairing the skin. However, coconut oil has a whole host of uses that you may not even be aware of, so we thought we’d take a look at a few and hopefully enlighten you along the way.

To Soothe Little Bottoms

If you’ve got a little one who is still in nappies, keeping a little tub of coconut oil in your changing bag is a great idea as it makes a perfect nappy cream. As well as soaking into the skin and soothing any irritation which has already occurred, the oil will also provide a barrier against further irritation and keep moisture away from the skin, leaving it…well, as soft as a baby’s bottom!

A Pre-Shave Treatment

If you’ve run out of your regular shave oil, coconut oil makes a great pre-shave treatment. Rub over the area to be shaved to lift hairs and provide a barrier between your skin and the sharp edge of the blade. It will minimise irritation and allow you to get a really close shave.

A Balm for Mosquito Bites

We’re not quite sure WHY this one works, we just know that it does; dab a little coconut oil on bites if you’re unfortunate enough to get bitten by one of the little blighters and it will help to stop the itching and reduce any inflammation to the area.

To Whiten Teeth

This one is definitely NOT for anyone with a weak stomach, but millions of people swear by it so we felt we had to include it here. Oil pulling is basically the act of taking a spoonful of coconut oil into your mouth, letting it melt and then swishing it around your teeth for a few minutes. We can’t say that a mouthful of oil is particularly appealing to us, but with so many people adamant that it makes their teeth several shades whiter, we don’t dare argue!

To Stimulate Hair Growth

As well as making a fabulous intense conditioner for dry hair, rubbing it into the scalp on a regular basis is said to stimulate hair growth and actually thicken your hair. We suspect this is as much to do with the act of rubbing your scalp and increasing blood flow to the area as the coconut oil itself, but if it leaves your hair silky soft in the process, it’s well worth a try.