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Go back a couple of decades and “proms” were something that most people only heard about through American TV shows and films, but fast forward to 2016 and proms are big news here in the UK. The end-of-year ritual has become a tradition with kids in either year 11, once they’re done with their G.C.S.E’s or sixth form leavers once they’re ready for Uni or the big working world, and it’s becoming an expensive business.

Kids are expecting snazzy outfits, hair and make-up, professionally done nails and even limos to arrive and leave in. We thought we’d take a look at some stunning hairstyles for girls which are actually really easy and can be done at home, so you can save some money on the big day! Don’t forget to prep the hair by washing with Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo and finish with Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner for great results.

Statement Pony

Statement Pony

It’s good to remember that you’re young enough to get away with fun hairstyles and at 16 (or even 18) something age-appropriate can look so much cuter than straight up Hollywood glamour. This statement pony works on hair of almost all textures and is SO easy to do. It actually works better on hair which hasn’t been washed for a day or two and can be achieved with little more than a brush, a couple of elastics and a can of hairspray.

Side Twists

rolled updo

Another super simple look is this updo which simply twists the hair away from the face and needs to be secured with bobby pins. Don’t twist too tightly as it will look quite severe and stuck to your head, so make sure you keep the twists semi-loose and gather in any stray hairs as you go.

Curly Bun

curly bun

This style works really well if you have curly or afro hair – it’s a simple bun but instead of scraping the hair back so it’s flat against your head, the texture of your hair is allowed to shine through, giving a relaxed but pretty look. Apply a curling cream or serum to your hair, allow it to dry naturally and then use a statement hair accessory which matches or accents your dress to make this simple hairstyle really work.

Sleek Pony

Sleek Pony

By contrast, a super-sleek ponytail can look totally glam when paired with a beautiful gown but it takes a little work to get things really smooth. Use a smoothing serum on your hair while it’s wet and then once you’ve dried your hair, straighten it with straightening irons. Use a paddle brush to sweep the hair back, and secure with a hair-band, then wrap a section of your hair around the brush for a sophisticated look. Finish with a good spray of hairspray to keep everything in place.

Loose Bun

Loose Bun

This is probably the easiest hair-do on the list to do as it literally just involves some back-combing, sweeping back with a hair-band and some bobby pins, and can even be done on unwashed hair. However, the final look is all in the accessories and this is a great hair style if you’re wearing a tiara and want to make the top of your head ALL about your bling!