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sunburnOkay, so we’re aware that there’s scarcely been any sunburn-worthy weather here in the UK, despite it being well into June, but nevertheless it’s always good to know how to deal with sunburn if and when it happens. Avoiding sunburn altogether with a high-SPF is obviously the best thing to do, as just 5 cases of sunburn in a lifetime increases the risk of skin cancer by up to 80%, but if it does occur, we’ve got some tips on how to soothe and repair your skin.

Get out of the sun

It may seem like a no-brainer that getting out of the sun when you have sunburn is the first thing to do, but it’s amazing how many people will continue on their slavish quest for a tan by remaining in the sun, even when they’re burnt. In fact, remaining in the sun is not going to improve your chances of getting a tan and will just continue to do damage, both on a surface and a cellular level and your skin can only start to repair itself when you get into the shade.

Take an anti-inflammatory

Providing you aren’t asthmatic or allergic to ibuprofen, taking an anti-inflammatory can really help to reduce the discomfort of sunburn, and reducing the inflammation with obviously also help your skin to transition to the healing period.

Drink plenty of water

When your skin is burnt, it immediately starts to draw moisture to the site of the burn to try to cool and soothe the skin, so that the healing process can begin. This means that your body will need additional moisture to keep up with the demand, so staying hydrated with plenty of water is a must. It’s also wise to try to avoid alcohol at this time as it will dehydrate you and stunt the healing process greatly.


Using a dedicated after sun product, such as Decleor High Repair After Sun Balm for the Face and Decleor Soothing After Sun Milk for the Body will help greatly with the healing process as they contain several ingredients which will help to replenish the skins natural protection. Both products will also help your skin to develop a deep, even and lasting tan once your sunburn has healed.

Refrigerate Your Products!

This may seem like an odd suggestion but keeping your after sun and moisturiser in the fridge will not only feel great but it will help the healing in the long run. Part of healing a burn is helping the skin to return to its normal temperature as burns can continue to be hot for sometime after the initial exposure, so applying a cold balm to the skin will be hugely beneficial.