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V, Glastonbury, Reading and many other music festivals are on the horizon. The excitement is mounting, the tents are being packed and plans are being made.

Whilst there is no doubt that festivals are great fun and an amazing experience, it is vital to keep safe and be vigilant whilst you attend, or things can get messy .

We have some handy tips to help you have a great time but keep safe at the same time.

Make a list of everything you need to pack; from loo roll and deodorant, hay fever medicine and wipes to wellies and torches.

Safety in numbers is true so try to stay with your tribe and if you plan to go solo, let them know.

Organise a meeting point with your friends so you can get together at specified times of the day. This way you know you can find each other if you get split up.

It is a good idea to locate the medical centre when you arrive and put a flag on your tent so you can see it when heading back to base.

Keep your mobile phone charged and with you at all times and take out insurance. Add an emergency number, just incase, and a tracker so you can find your phone it is gets lost or stolen.

Leave valuables at home. Yes you might want to look good and record your fav bands for YouTube but not everyone on site will be the model citizen. Keep anything of value with you at all times and even better, leave it at home.

Don’t assume things will be safe in your car or tent and don’t ask new found friends to look after your stuff.

Basic, but keep your hands clean and wash them after going to the look and before eating, you don’t want to get a bug on site.

Music festivals and feet don’t always go together, especially when it rains. Try to keep them clean and dry to prevent blisters, infections and trench foot. None are pleasant and they can all make you feel rotten, so invest in your feet.

Just as it might be wet, it can also be sunny, so take your sunscreen, a hat and glasses.

Drink plenty of water and do it before you are actually thirsty. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and don’t get hydrated from the combination of dancing, heat, lack of food and booze.

Don’t leave your drink unattended. Any drink can be spiked and the consequences aren’t worth it.

Keep your cool. It will be busy and crowded so don’t get annoyed by the hustle and bustle as things can quickly escalate and the last thing you want it to go home with a black eye.

Alcohol and drugs will be on offer but remember both can affect your ability to make safe judgements, so have fun but be safe.

It might not look cool, but if you need to, wear ear plugs. The music can be really loud and if you are close to the stage or near the speakers, you might want to protect your hearing.

From pollen to smoke from fires, BBQs and cigarettes, there can be added pollution in the air so if you have asthma ensure you take your inhalers and any other medication.

At night, stay on the main roads and routes and don’t go off exploring in the dark.

Never hesitate to get help if you think you are in danger. Don’t worry about making a fuss – it’s far better to be safe than for something awful to happen.

Have fun, make memories but be safe!