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Kate Middleton’s late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was well known for her elegant style, and the Duchess of Cambridge seems to be following closely in her footsteps in this respect. Kate has rarely been seen with so much as a hair out of place, and there are many of her looks that we’ve greatly admired, so we thought that we’d take a loot at our five favourites.

Navy Dress

Kate Niddleton Navy Dress

One of Kate’s most iconic outfits, this dress has been replicated over and over again, with Caitlyn Jenner famously donning it for the red carpet a couple of years after Kate. The navy looks great against the Duchess’s lightly tanned skin and is a flattering cut for almost any body shape.

Breton Stripes

Kate Middleton Breton Stripes

It’s far more usual to see Kate in a dress or skirt than it is in jeans but when she does casual, she does it well. We’ve seen her in Breton stripes on more than one occasion, looking fresh-faced and relaxed, and she looks wonderfully stylish even when “off-duty”.

Full-Length Lace

Kate Middleton - Lace Gown

Kate always looks elegant but this full-length lace gown was 100% glamorous, showing us that the Duchess could turn up the heat when she needed to. Although still demure and showing minimal flesh, the lacy effect gives Kate a vampy look which is complimented by her bouncy hair!

Leather and Wellies

Kate Middleton - Leather and Wellies

It looks as though Kate is out walking the dogs in this picture, making a pair of Hunter wellies look better than we’ve ever seen them look before! Her long, slender legs look amazing in form-fitting jeans and her clear complexion is enviable to say the least.

Wedding Belle

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

We couldn’t talk about Kate’s most iconic looks without mentioning her wedding dress, which is probably THE most iconic outfit she’s ever worn! There aren’t many people across the planet who couldn’t describe that dress if you asked them and it’s one of the most replicated wedding dress designs of all time. The dress covered her arms but exposed her décolletage, allowing just a hint of flesh whilst looking ultimately graceful.