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Brows3BIs it just us, or does everyone seem obsessed with eyebrows lately? For a while, it was a jokey thing with everyone marvelling at the now-infamous “Scouse Brow” (you know, where girls have their eyebrows solid and very dark regardless of their hair colour or skin tone?), but suddenly everyone has the have the perfect brows. There are lots of ways to get the brows you like and we thought we’d take a look at a few of the most popular method of brow-shaping and care.


Waxing your eyebrows to keep them in shape is both good and bad. On the one hand it can be done at home or in a salon, is a good way to keep your eyebrows in shape for longer as the hair is pulled out at the root and allows you to get a really defined shape. On the other hand, it can be tricky if you do it yourself, it can be a little painful and it’s also unforgiving – pull out too much hair and suddenly you look like Vanilla Ice circa 1990. If you do opt for this method, keep some Decleor Post Wax Cream for Sensitive Areas to hand for the aftermath.



Threading is an age-old method, thought to originate in Asia where women are stringent about har removal. Threading is a fantastic method for eyebrow shaping as it is accurate and often performed by highly skilled therapists who’ve been practising for decades. It can be done pretty much anywhere on the body and is cheap, easy and convenient.


Many women these days are opting to have their eyebrows tattooed, which may seem extreme but is rising in popularity. It’s especially good if years of overplucking have left your eyebrows looking a bit sparse, but make sure you find a reputable salon of studio as this is permanent and fixing mistakes could be costly and painful.


Ah, plucking. The good old-fashioned way of shaping your eyebrows. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can be REALLY easy to make your eyebrows look a little crazy and overplucking is a big no-no. A general rule of thumb is to only pluck from beneath the brow and use the natural upper brow line as a guide. Watching YouTube tutorials can also be a big help as you don’t want to start randonly plucking without any idea of what you’re doing.



Shaving isn’t a method we’re all that keen on because it can be hugely inaccurate and often allows regrowth and that annoying ‘stubbly’ phase after a matter of days. If you do choose to shave your brows, make sure you use a brand new, clean razor and some good shaving oil to protect your skin against razor burn.