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Daring Summer LooksSummer is a time when it’s great to be daring or try something to shake your image up a bit. Here at Pure Beauty we love experimenting with our hair, make up and clothing so we thought we’d share with you a few of our summer shake up ideas to help you to be a bit more adventurous.

Colourful Dip Dye

Brightly coloured hair is totally on-trend right now, but if you aren’t brave enough for a full-on mermaid look, you could try a colourful dip dye. This has many benefits; less time and effort, lower maintenance and best of all, if you don’t like it, you can simply trim off the bottom few inches of your hair. Coloured dye usually only lasts for a few washes too, so you can change it up when you feel like it, but use Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner to keep hair in good condition.

Get The Chop!

Both Versace and Yves Saint Laurent had models with buzz cuts walking for them this season and going super short is rumoured to be the BIG look for winter. Obviously, it’s an incredibly bold look and a huge step if you’ve always had flowing locks, but going short might be something you’ll absolutely love…just make sure you give it a lot of thought first!

Crazy Colours

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been sticking to roughly the same shades in your make up bag for years now and are likely to be quite adamant about what suits you and what doesn’t. However, thinking outside the box in terms of your colour palatte could really help to liven up your look. Experiment with red lips, dark lips, smokey eyes…basically anything you’ve not tried before and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Minimal Make Up

During the winter, we tend to feel more comfortable with a full coverage foundation because there are so many things which play havoc with our complexion. In summer, however, we prefer less coverage because it simply feels uncomfortable in the heat, so opting for a BB cream is a great alternative. BB creams offer sheer coverage, moisturistation, and leave you looking radiant without the need for layers.

Fringe Benefits

If you aren’t quite brave enough for super bright hair or a crazy buzz cut,why not try having a fringe cut in? Fringes can really change the whole look of your face and whether you go for a sweeping side fringe, a bold block fringe or an on-trend short fringe, you’re sure to make a statement with it.