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There is no doubt that the Rio Olympics have been amazing.

From the start of the opening ceremony, we know we were in for a sporting spectacular and we certainly haven’t been disappointed.

With Andy Murray in the tennis, Laura Trott on the cycle circuit and Becky James on the track being just some of the winners, it has been a gripping couple of weeks.

With so much action on screen, this is the perfect time to be inspired by Team GB, and athletes from around the world, to get off the sofa and spring into action.

No matter what your fitness ability or interest, we are sure there is an activity out there that is perfect just for you.

If you are looking for choice when it comes to sport, look no further than athletics. This discipline offers a wide range of options that keep you on your toes and motivated to go for gold. Running, jumping, sprinting, throwing, it is all in this mix. With Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill leading the way and inspiring a generation, never has it been a better time to join a local club and get involved.

Badminton is a great choice for the whole family. The weightless racquets, low start up costs and easy to understand rules means toddlers, grandparents and everyone in-between can have a bash. Get it set up in the garden in the summer and when it gets colder, book an indoor court to keep your fitness levels up.

Riding a bike isn’t just a way to get from a to b, it is also a fantastic way to get fit, get some fresh air and tone up. This low impact sport is becoming increasingly popular and with a range of bikes for sale at various price points, and to loan or rent, it is easier than ever to get on the Sir Bradley Wiggins bandwagon.

Combining acrobatics, water and speed, there is little more thrilling than diving. Tom Daley has bought edge and excitement back into this Olympic staple and he and the team have a loyal fan base and big dreams. This isn’t the sport for you if you don’t like heights, but if you are looking to get fit and want an adrenaline buzz, this could be the sport for you.

If team sports are your thing, and you have been inspired by Crista Cullen and the GB team why not give hockey a try this autumn? Whilst this is is a fast paced game, it can be played by all levels of fitness and local teams are often looking for new members, and beginners.

Forget the ropes and vaults in the school hall, gymnastics is becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. The men and women in Rio make it look slick and elegant but these performances takes years to perfect. One of the keys to real success is starting young so why not take your toddler to a pre-school gymnastics club and watch them cartwheel and jump to their hearts content?

Table tennis is an Olympic favourite that has viewers sitting on their edge of their seats. This is a fast, fun, easy to play game that gets you fit and as it is mainly played indoors, the British weather can’t spoil it.

With accessible sports like football, rugby, rowing and so much more being broadcast day and night, we hope you will want to put on your trainers and go out and do something less boring instead.

Team Pure-Beauty.