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glitter-lipsGlitter lips are a trend which has been gaining momentum for some time now, but with autumn and winter on the way, they’re set to make an explosion! They might look like something which should be confined to the catwalks but according to anyone who knows anything about fashion, everyone will be adorned with glitter in the coming months.

It’s one of those trends which can be quite tricky to get right, so we thought we’d put together some tips for keeping your lips in tip-top condition so that you can be festive from now until next spring!


Flaky lips will not only look unpleasant when covered in glitter, it would probably be quite tricky getting glitter to stick to them in for first place. Exfoliating beforehand with Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant will help to slough away dead skin, giving you a much better surface for bedazzling.


If your lips are overly dry or aging prematurely, you’ll want to start a regimen of moisturistation before you get glittery. Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex is the perfect product to add moisture to your lips while minimising contour lines and helping to prevent the signs of aging.


To get a really good, even coverage of colour you’ll want to use a lip liner in a similar colour to your glitter to create a really defined outline and then fill your lips with liner, too. This will give you the perfect base to work from.


The final step before applying your glitter with a soft brush is covering your lips with gloss. The gloss gives something for the glitter to stick to and will add to the overall shimmery effect of your lips. Choose either a clear gloss or one which is a similar colour to your glitter and using the ‘gloopiest’ gloss you can find will help when it comes to getting as much glitter as possible to stick to your lips.


Obviously, wearing glitter on your face is going to leave you needing a pretty heavy-duty cleanser once you’re ready to de-glitter. We’d recommend Decleor Brightening Cleansing Oil to really help to remove all glitter, plus the layers of make-up beneath, and leave your skin looking radiant and luminous.