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How did we go from back to school excitement to half term chaos in the blink of an eye?

If it seems like you only yesterday you marched your little ones off to school and now they are asking what the holidays have in store, don’t worry we are here to help.

We have done a little research and come up with some fun activities that will keep the whole brood happy all week long.

Get outside
Make the most of the last of the sun and get outside. Enjoy a walk, explore a nature trail, climb some trees or follow a car free cycle route. This half term there are apple festivals and den building, canoe courses and footballs camps to take part in all over the place. Whether you live in the city or country, by the sea or near the river, there is nothing like bundling up and getting some fresh air, stopping on the way home for a hot chocolate and muffin.

Get cooking
Half term is the perfect opportunity to do some baking at home. Cakes and muffins, pies and crumbles, the ideas are endless. Have a look online for some new ideas and why not start a blog to share you wares. You could even get a head start on Christmas and get your cake made and ready in the tin for decorating.

Catch up in some films
Term time can be crazy with extra clubs and activities and fun things, like watching films, can get lost in the madness. Why not use this half term to kick back and catch on the latest blockbusters? Nine Lives, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Trolls and Storks are all currently playing and are apparently worth a watch. Look out for the family mornings where tickets can be as little as £2.50 and there are offers on pick and mix. If you prefer popcorn and flicks from the comfort of your own home, grab some DVDs, dim the lights and enjoy a movie marathon on your sofa.

Pick up a pumpkin.
There are events on farms, garden centres and even in local coffee shops where you can go and try out pumpkin carving for yourself. The stakes get higher every year and levels of creativity are at an all time high in 2016. From traditional ghosts to Mario and even Dan TDM, never has it been so exciting when it comes to pumpkins.

Have a clear out
With everyone at home why not go though the playroom and bedrooms and get rid of the games, toys and clothes that no needs anymore. Take puzzles, jumpers and old trains to the charity shop and feel good about giving back and taking stock.

Visit the beach
Buckets and spades, boots and scarves are all on the list for a day by the seaside in the winter sun. A day on the beach, building sand castles and looking for shells, will take you back to basics and put colour in your cheeks. Once the sun goes down, head to the pub for fish and chips and a pint of cider and start planning your next trip to the sea.

Throw a Halloween party
Whilst most people actually go back to school on 31st October, there is no reason why you can’t host a fab party the weekend before. Your local supermarket will be jam packed with ghoulish snacks and scary costumes, so send out the invites, get the apple bobbing set up and prepare to have one scary night. Oh, and don’t forget to put the pumpkin you craved outside, so the trick or treaters know you are waiting for them.

After all that fun, be sure to order yourself a pampering treat from Pure-Beaty and sit back and relax knowing you have done a great job.

Team Pure-Beauty