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Whilst there is nothing better in the summer than a chilled smoothie packed with berry goodness, in the cooler months you might want something that will warm you up as well as fill you with vitamins.

Maybe now is the time swap your blender for pots and pans and your smoothie for soup.

Soups are an age-old staple that nourishes body and soul and helps you use up the vegetables in the fridge that may have seen better days.

Whether you are a liquid lover of soups, stews or chowders, we have put together some super-ideas that are packed with nutritious goodness and fantastic flavour.

Lets start with the classic chicken soup. This feel good favourite can be enjoyed with friends for lunch, as an early supper with chunks of bread and you can keep some in the freezer for when colds strike.

To make one wholesome pan you will need:

5g of organic, salted butter
2 white onions, sliced and diced
2 sticks of finely sliced celery
2 large carrots, sliced and diced
1 yellow pepper, free of seeds and sliced
1.5 litres of chicken stock
450g of cooked chicken (ideally cubed or shredded)
25g of organic plain flour
1 tablespoon of chopped, fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

With your ingredients ready, gently melt the butter in a large saucepan and once hot, fry the onions, celery and carrots until they start to soften. Stir in the flour and cook for around two more minutes.

Slowly add the stock to the pot and gently bring the mixture to the boil, stirring all the time.

Season the liquid with salt and pepper, then simmer for around 15 minutes so that the vegetables are soft, but not mushy.

Finally add the chicken and parsley and simmer for another 30 minutes.

Serve with bread and cheese and feel that goodness get to work.

Homemade vegetable soups are one of the tastiest, healthiest options out there and can be part of any family meal.

Whilst we love this easy to make soup, it is just a base and you can add in pretty much anything else you want to get a bowl that is right for you.

For a big pot you will need:

3 tablespoons of olive oil
3 chopped carrots chopped
2 chopped red onions
½ cabbage that has had the core and outer leaves taken off
1 chopped, trimmed leek
1 chopped courgette
One handful of chopped mushrooms
1 red pepper, sliced and free of seeds
1.5 litres of water
Vegetable stock cubes or powder
A handful of chopped basil leaves (ideally fresh)
A handful of chopped parsley, again fresh is best
1 crushed clove of garlic

Now, let’s get to work:

Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and when hot, add the carrots, and onion and gently fry to remove the water content and create flavour.

Add the cauliflower, cabbage and then stir in the leeks and courgette.

Allow the vegetables to cook for 10 minutes and then add the water and stock before bringing to the boil

Simmer for 15 minutes then add the lovely basil and parsley and finally for the big hit of flavour, add the garlic.

If you can let the soup sit for at least half an hour before serving with bread, cheese and olives.

Got a favourite soup recipe, drop us a line and let us know what is is.

Team Pure-Beauty