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Fight the Signs of Ageing with Dermalogica and DecleorOne of the most common reasons for new customers coming to Pure Beauty is because they want to combat the signs of ageing and renew their youthfulness. There are lots of areas of the face where ageing can be a problem, so we’ve compiled a list to help you to get the best products for your specific problem.


The skin around the eyes is perhaps the most delicate of the whole face and needs really specific products to keep the signs of ageing at bay. Decleor Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream has been formulated for use on the most delicate of areas and helps reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes and smoothes fragile contours to regenerate, plump and invigorate the eye.


The lips are the area of the face which move the most and as such are prone to fine lines around the outside, especially if you’ve been or are a smoker. Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex is designed to replenish lost moisture in the lips and surrounding area minimising contour lines and helping to prevent the signs of ageing.


People often neglect the skin on their hands but it’s usually the area of the body which gets the roughest deal. Between gardening, harsh chemicals in cleaning products and a million other things that ruin the condition of your hands, they probably need MORE care than the rest of your body, not less! Decleor Dark Spot Corrector Concentrate can be used anywhere on your body where there are areas of hyper-pigmentation, but it’s great for use on your hands where these spots are often at their worst.


When we think of ageing, we usually concentrate on our faces but our bodies can show signs of ageing too. Opting for a potent serum like Decleor Youth Activator Body Serum, which can be used all over your body, will help to replenish lost moisture and nutrients, encourage cell regrowth and will help to smooth and firm your whole body.


You may think that nails can’t show signs of age, but even they can become brittle, dry and discoloured as we age, so using a dedicated nail treatment like Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is a really good idea. It’s a non-greasy treatment which will strengthen your nails and help to reverse discolouration, giving your hands their youthful looks back.