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The pressure of hosting Christmas Day can be big.

There’s the decision over turkey or beef.

Whether to serve champagne or Prosecco.

Brussels or cabbage???

Who to sit next to whom and where everyone is going to sleep.

Well, one thing you don’t need to worry about is making a good impression when it comes to your dinning table as we can help you make sure it looks as amazing as any Michelin star restaurant.

First things first, decide on a colour scheme or theme. Maybe you love a little bit of bling, embrace Santa or like things to be cool and calm. Whatever you decide on, we are certain it will look great.

Christmas is one time of the year when can invest in new china, cutlery and linen, just because. A lots of shops have already started their sales so there are many bargains to be snapped up that look a millionaire dollars, but many only cost a few pounds.

Next, take a look at your dining table and work out just what can be achieved. The main thing to remember is that you don’t want to fill every inch of the table as it will look cluttered and things are likely to get knocked over and people might get upset.

If you have a separate dining room you can set your table as far ahead as you like, but if not, you may want to set it on the day to prevent things being moved or spoilt.

Before putting on the tablecloth take time to iron it, as this will look smart and professional. If you don’t want to use a linen cloth, you will find some stunning paper and wipeable alternatives in the shops that will sparkle and shine. The same goes for napkins and runners if you plan to use them.

Depending on who is coming for lunch, and how well people get on, you might want to consider name places!

When it comes to china, place the starter and main places on top of each other as this is the start of a a beautifully dressed table with a wow factor. Remember guests can move them as they wish once seated but you want that initial impression to be a good one.

When it comes to cutlery what you place on the table, depends on what you are serving on the big day, including a fish course. As a rule, you start from the outside and work in and you can the add dessert cutlery at the top of the place setting.

When it comes to glasses, go for one wine, one water and a champagne flute if you are serving fizz. If you have children at lunch, maybe go for beakers or plastic glasses to avoid any smashes and accidents.

Napkins can be added next with crackers, something that is a true part of Christmas lunch. Buy ones that match your theme and again, if little ones are joining you, you might want to get fun, junior crackers to keep them happy and stop big hats covering their eyes.

A really nice touch is to add a vase or two of seasonal foliage and flowers to your table as well as candles. This not only creates a lovely aroma but also looks really festive and welcoming. Do look at where these go as you don’t want to stop people from speaking and you of course don’t want any holly to catch fire mid starters.

It is a good idea to leave some space on the table for the wine bottles, water jugs and serving bowls.

With all of this done, the main thing is to have a fantastic time with your nearest and dearest and to make memories that will last way longer than the turkey.

Team Pure-Beauty