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5 Products to Help Your Teen Through Prom Season

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/2jCfRnb

If you’ve got a teen who’s in their last year of school then you’re probably well aware that as soon as Christmas is over, prom preparation begins, which means hours of researching an shopping for dresses, hair appointments and make-up sessions. The teen years can be really difficult if they struggle with blemishes or acne and it will be all the more angst-inducing now, so we’ve put together a selection of products which could really help them to get control of their skin in the coming weeks.

Dermalogica Daytime Treatment

Acne and breakout prone skin may seem like it’s moist enough, but it’s actually really important to use a moisturiser even when you feel like you don’t need one. This daytime treatment from the Dermalogica Clear Start range is a lightweight formulation which helps to regulate sebum production and contains anti-bacterial components which actually kill the root cause of the spots before they have a chance to develop.

Dermalogica Emergency Spot Fix

If breakouts do happen at critical times (like, the night before the prom!) then this potent topical application will target the spot-causing bacteria and kill it in its stride. It also contains several powerful, naturally-occurring ingredients such as green tea and licorice which reduce inflammation and redness, making the blemish appear less angry.

Dermalogica Pore Control Scrub

Keeping acne-prone skin clean is of the utmost importance, as is making sure your products don’t irritate the skin further. This scrub removes dirt and dead skin cells from the skin whilst employing natural clays to soak up excess sebum, ensuring teen skin is spotless…both literally and figuratively!

Dermalogica Overnight Treatment

It’s important to take care of skin during sleep hours as this is often the time when spots develop, so using Dermalogica’s Overnight Treatment is a really great idea. It soothes over-stimulated skin, thus reducing the skin’s need to produce sebum which will halt one of the main causes of acneic breakouts. Use after cleansing and toning before bed for the best results.

Dermalogica Matte Moisturiser SPF15

If your teen has particularly sensitive skin, then the sun can actually be a problem as over-exposure will play havoc with oil production and can damage the surface of the skin. Encouraging your teen to use a moisturiser which is both suitable for acne-prone skin and containing an SPF could help to protect their skin in the long run and will also help them to form good habits for later in life, ensuring that the signs of ageing don’t appear in an untimely fashion.